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Financial Freedom @ Age 25

Rent To Rent Specialist

2 x Winners Wednesday  on

Samuel Leeds Youtube Channel

VP of Sales & Marketing at TFS Retreats

Transformation Coach

Throughout my life i have been through many struggles, financial, mental, relationships you name it, I've been through it. I'm sure you have been through your fair share of hardships, all teaching you valuable lessons.

After years of learning and improving, fine tuning i was able to reach financial freedom at the age of 25.

Your dream life is not as far off as you think it is, you just have to have the DESIRE for MORE in your life. To not accept average for yourself, to separate from the crowd and take your life to heights only others will dream of. 

I take all of my learnings and teach others how to live their best life, you don't even need to be a millionaire. The ultimate goal is a life of HAPPINESS, fulfilment, purpose & love.

If you are interested in seeing more free content of mine, have a look at my YouTube Channel where i talk about everything you need to become the best version of you there ever was... 

After reaching financial freedom through high cashflow strategies in property i am helping others achieve the same by creating a model that can be duplicated no matter what your experience or background is.

Being featured on Samuel Leeds YouTube channel (largest number of subscribers for UK property) on Winners Wednesday was another great milestone.

Watch Interview 1

Watch Interview 2 

What TFS Retreats Say...

"Having over 8 years of sales and marketing experience in various industries Zayyan has been an incredible asset to our business.

Owning his own Property Management & Holiday Let Company in the UK he was a perfect fit for helping us market our services, drive more sales, attract new clients, and venues into our company.

Having a background in Sales, Marketing, Social Media, Nutrition, Personal Training, and overall health & wellness, really made us feel confident that he knew how to market our business to the right people, certifying quality over quantity, and showed us how to maximise the LTV (Lifetime Value) of a customer ensuring they would come to us 3-4 times per year, by delivering a high quality service as well as building a long-lasting relationship with all clients.

Being a superb speaker and relationship builder, Zayyan has proven to be an inspirational mind-set coach and motivator, teaching the core skills necessary to run a successful company, along with a vast array of psychological techniques to build confidence in individuals and businesses alike, delivering an unbeatable mind-set in all areas of life.

He introduced to us the concept of ‘Solution Selling’, where you never have to convince anyone to buy your product or service, but how to tell a story that relates to your target audience and have them wanting your services without having to give the ‘hard-sell’.

Building his own successful business Radeon Rooms & Reading Short Stays ( ( , he is a fantastic partner in helping others achieve the same results!"

- TFS Retreat

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"I would just like say that Zayyan has been an amazing trainer and mentor!

I've learnt so much from you! Right from day one you put me on a bespoke property plan and the knowledge that you have given me to succeed in R2R is amazing!

You even got me to change my mindset which was my biggest obstacle, when people do courses they want to go straight into property but you focused on mindset first! I have to thank you personally for this as this has given me the biggest opportunity in life, from changing my mindset I've been chosen to be on the Eviction 2020 with Samuel Leeds, so I honestly can't thank you enough!

The best part about it, I was only 1 month into a 3 month mentoring program Anyone looking to learn about R2R they should definitely contact Zayyan as your doing absolutely amazing Keep up the good work Zayyan, keep inspiring and thank you again for all the work that you've done for me!

You've helped me change my life forever through property and mindset."

- David Eccles, Eccles Properties LTD

" We just want to say a massive thank you to our amazing mentor! 3 weeks after our 1 -day intensive session we have managed to secure our first R2SA Apartment (DURING A LOCKDOWN) (We now have 3 units!).

The sincere support and guidance Zayyan gave us daily is the reason we're holding a set of new keys today!

After all of those terrible agent calls you did with us, bet you didn't think we would be here so soon (we didn't!).

But honestly keep up the amazing work. You planned out a wonderful and detailed program, the documents were a great help too!

Thank you for being a great mentor and guiding us on the right path!"

- Sam & Aaron, AJSA Properties​

" Zayyan - i can't tell you how insightful and informative the session was. I really appreciate everything you've taught me, you've given me the added confidence and incentive ti go and implement the wealth of information you have provided me! 

As well as being a great mentor you're a great person, and i wanted to be mentored by you because of your vibrant personality and the fact i could relate to your morals and beliefs before anything else. 

I appreciate it must have taken you a very long time to plan your lessons and i can't describe how valuable they have been! The value for money your mentorship gives is unreal! My brain genuinely hurts right now!

Again thank you so much, I don't think there is anything else you could improve on if I'm honest... I'm so glad i connected with you and that i have access to more of your support, guidance and knowledge.

- Chris Wellington, CBW Property Solutions

" I received so much value from the very first day with Zayyan!

Property tips & tricks, best strategies to use in different kind of deals, not only scripts but actual calling sessions with agents, not to mention all of the documentation needed to make these deals happen. 

Not only did i learn how to find and secure great deals, I also learned the correct body language to use in every situation, whether for an investor, estate agent or landlord.

I learnt that self confidence, and knowing how to represent yourself are incredibly important ingredients for great success!"

- Mikus Burnevskis, BM Real Estate

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